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    • How do I choose the right oil for me?
    We would advice purchasing our sample pack. When sampling the vials, try not to mix up the oils so apply them in different areas of your skin. Have coffee on hand to reset your senses after each application.

    • Why should I buy oils rather than the actual spray perfumes/colognes from department stores?
    Buying body oils will save you money which you can use for other things. Designer perfumes/colognes can be very expensive and the cost can be up to 100.00 and depending on the brand it can cost more. You are essentially paying for the designer name and the beautifully crafted bottles. With body oils, you are saving money but also you are getting a product that lasts long and doesn't wear off like those spray perfumes which are more alcohol than fragrance.

    • How long do your oils last?
    Body oils last all day on the skin because there is no alcohol in the body oil. Perfume sprays and colognes are filled with alcohol which tend to evaporate over a short period of time whereas body oils actually absorb into your skin pores thus giving you that lasting scent of your favorite fragrance all day. Keep in mind that a little bit of body oil can go a long way. Even though your nose may become immune to the scent at days end, other people will still be able to notice the fragrance that you are wearing. That is the main reason fragrances are worn.

    • How long do your bottles last?
    With consistent every day use our bottles will last around 3/4 months or longer depending on how often it is used.

    • Can I apply the oils to my clothes ?
    It is safer to spray the oil onto your hand and rub it in before going over your clothes with it. Oil can stain so depending on like colour it is easier to stain white clothes with certain oils like Roze as it is a bright red oil. Applying a little on your hands and rubbing it in till the colour is no longer visible then wiping over your clothes can prevent stains. But the best way to apply the oils is generally application straight onto your skin.

    • How do I apply the oils?
    Dab a few drops on your wrist, behind your ears, and all your other pulse points. Remember – pulse points are the warmest points on your body so applying oils on these points will allow the fragrance to last longer and diffuse more. Applying oils before exercising allows absorption into the pours and emits a stronger scent.


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